• Field equipment and laboratory for civil engineering
  • Estudios y laboratorio and soil mechanicss
  • Pailería Paileria
  • Analysis and design for deposits of tailings
  • Bancos de pruebafor electric devices
  • slideshow html for production lines
  • Maquinadosmachined
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Flopac is conformed by a experts group in various areas of engineering that employs technologic vanguard, experience and knowledge for offer to theur customers solutions to your specific needs.

We are constantly strengthening our production processes, improving our products and services for that we always characterized the excellence, competitiveness and innovation.

We have three business units, each with a portfolio of products, services and references with national and multinacional companies of renowned. .

  • Field and laboratory equipment for civil engineering..
  • Test banks for the automotive industry.
  • Renovation, repair and construction of banks for lines of manufacturing productivity.
  • Design and manufacture of systems of data acquisition and control.
  • Software development.
  • Firmware development.

  • Analysis and design for tailings deposits.
  • Laboratory of Soil Mechanics.
  • Studies of Soil Mechanics.
  • Hydrological studies.
  • Geophysical studies.
  • Topographic studies.
  • Design of foundations for civil works.

  • CNC machined.
  • Conventional machined.
  • Water cuts, plasma and laser.
  • Electrostatic painting.
  • In general paileria.