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Instrumentation, manufacturing and update of field equipment and laboratory for civil engineering..

Inclinometer Pit - FLP-IPO-001

The biaxial inclinometer type "pit" FLP-IPO-001 allows you to record displacements normal to the axis of a line, take readings of temperature and tilt at defined intervals, using slotted pipes.

Includes a data acquisition module autonomous (stand alone) for the registration of the tilt, in engineering units (FLP-MAD-SAC-022), with data storage and constant operation of the equipment in non-volatile memory. Account with batteries for autonomous operation of up to 6 hours.
Inclinometer of Wal - FLP-IPAE-001

The inclinometer wall (FLP-IPAE-001) is of type electrolytic, for measuring ranges of ± 3° and ± 10 °. This type of sensors are used when you need a high resolution, due to the fact that the structures to which they are terraced houses generate little inclination.
Electric Piezocono Cone Tip and Bole - FLP-PCE-001
FLP-CEL-001 Y 002

The piezocono FLP-PCE-001 and the cone tip electric and de Fuste FLP-CEL-001 and 002, respectively, allow us to determine the stratigraphic features of a site and its variation with depth, through measurement of the resistance to the penetration of the tip and the friction of the cone, including the registration of pore pressure, in soft soils and sands not very dense.
Electrical Piezometer (Strain Gauges) - FLP-PZE-001

El piezómetro (FLP-PZE-001) permite determinar presiones de poro en suelos.

The piezometer (FLP-PZE-001) allows you to determine pore pressures in soils. The readings can be taken using the data acquisition module autonomous (stand alone) (FLP-MAD-SAC-024), with a data storage and constant operation of the equipment in non-volatile memory; or you can connect a battery of piezometers using the junction boxes and these to a data acquisition module.
Convergence Indicator

The convergence indicator, is a device that allows you to measure the levels of deformation in the cross-section of tunnels built with voussoirs.